четверг, 12 февраля 2015 г.

Mother Nature

Hello! I would like to tell you about Mother Nature. Why do we say Mother Nature? In my opinion , we call the nature our mother , because it gives us life, resources and inspiration. 
In our world we have a lot of  stunning natural  phenomena, for example, mountains of incredible natural beauty, seas and oceans rich in secrets and mysteries, forests which are the lungs of our planet. However there are lots of eco problems such as, Global warming, deforestation, pollution, which lead to floods, droughts, extinction of wild animals, hunger.
One of the most serious problems in our world is  Global Warming. The Earth is heating up and most ice  is melting, sea  levels are rising and the climate is changing. Also Global Warming is a serious threat to wildlife. for example arctic polar bears are in great danger, because the ice that they hunt from is melting and they have to swim very far to find food . Nowadays outdoor leisure activities are very popular. Forexample  (e.g) picnics and painball in a forest, zip-lining through the jungle and tourism in natural reserves. Usually touists leave a lot of rubbish, cut down trees, kill animals and so on. As for me I am for responsible tourism!!!! You shall think what you do! 
How can we save our planet?  We can recycle our wastes, protect endangered animals, use public transport , pick up litter.
 We are the children of mother nature and our planet is  our home. So we shall care and protect the environment.

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